Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Biggest Loser (Winter 2012)

So my friend Rachael is a bit awesome, and had a fantabulous idea a couple weeks back. To support/push/compete through the last few weeks of the year by doing our own 'biggest loser' (Yes, we both watch the program, it's just brilliant, why wouldn't we!?)

We've both put on weight since we met 12 years (?!?!) ago at college, and want to shift it.

Starting October 8th, we have been eating cleaner, moving more and hearing Jillian Michael's voice in our sleep. There are twelve weeks until 2013. I want to be 175lbs by then, overweight instead of obese. The first new years since I've had my kids that I'll have NOT been obese. That would be epic. I need to lose 28.5lbs in those 12 weeks to do it. Game face on.

weekdatejoy %rachael %
week 1oct 15th0.980.1
week 2oct 22nd1.51.8
week 3oct 29th00.5
week 4nov 5th1.76+0.8
week 5nov 12th0.770.8
week 6nov 19th1.810.51
week 7nov 26th1.321.55
week 8dec 3rd2.130.31
week 9dec 10th+1.090.1
week 10dec 17th2.7+0.1
week 11dec 24th1.392.1
week 12dec 31st1.690.53

week 1
week 2 
week 3 
week 4
week 5

week 6 
week 7
week 8
week 9
week 10
week 11

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  1. Sounds great Joy, good luck reaching your targets - nothing like a bit of competitive support!